After an 18-month hiatus following the birth of my second child, I returned in 2016, with a modified approach to my initial endeavor. Zumba (Kid-Friendly) included hired babysitters, who watched children while classes were in session. The result was an unbeatable stress-reliever for moms, and a safe and enjoyable environment for their children. Thanks to its success, I was able to expand my menu of classes to feature Zumba Kids, Zumbini, and Slim-Down Challenges, in collaboration with A Green Unicorn. In 2017 I decided to go back to school and joined Fit Chicks Academy for Fitness and Nutrition Expert program. In 2018 after graduating as Fitness and Nutrition Expert I was able to launch Personal Training and Macros Based Nutrition Coaching. So far I have helped dozens of women reach their fitness goals. And happy to say that my community continues to grow.


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Kausar Rasul

Licensed Zumba, Zumba kids and Zumba Strong instructor,  Fitness and Nutrition Expert & Founder of Golden Sneaker

My Zumba classes were born out of a deeply personal need: as a biochemist by profession, I left my career to raise my firstborn. Though it was the best decision of my life, my energy levels were plummeting and I felt lackluster about my body. As I sifted through options for places where my baby and I could both reset and recharge—play-dates, mommy and me classes, and meet-ups in the park—I found virtually no fitness classes for mothers who didn’t want to leave their children behind, without forking over a fortune. It’s a realization that triggered the creation of Mommy & Me Zumba classes in 2014. Moms exercised while the kids played and danced, well within eyeshot.

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Today, my very own fitness company, A Golden Sneaker, which I launched in 2017, is an energizing and convenient platform which is a close-knit community of supportive friends, and a guilt-free pick-me-up for moms, committed to restoring their confidence, endurance and sanity. 


Collaboration with A Green Unicorn

I met Dougmary back in 2014 in my Mommy and Me Zumba class. 4 years later I have a pleasure of working with her. We conduct JC slim-down challenge and Thursday night Zumba Bootcamp (Dance and Lift class) together.

Dougmary Esquijarosa

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert

She is the founder of A Green Unicorn, Fitness & Nutrition. She helps families with a busy schedule adopt a healthy life style. Her program treats every client as an unique individual. She dives into understanding their routines, current habits and cravings. She designs easy-to-follow bite-sized programs. Her clients succeed in adapting new habits in just a few weeks and are able to keep up and live the healthy life style they always wanted. To learn more about her check out